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How to quickly buy a used car

When you buy a used car it can sometimes take awhile. There are many things you can do to not only shorten the time it takes to buy a used car, but also save money as well.

Follow these steps to prepare for the sale of a new or used car: 

  1. Shop at home
  2. Be prepared
  3. Contact your insurance company ahead of time
  4. Bring your own financing 
  5. Schedule a test drive

Shop At Home

Shopping on a used car website like allows you to find a few cars that you like and will fit your needs and budget. Spending the effort of going to a dealership and looking at cars, you feel pressure or slightly invested in finding a car rather than the car you really want and more so if you have a salesperson assisting you. If you have a list of a few models of cars you are interested in you can go to the dealership more informed of prices and their inventory.

Be Prepared

Bringing everything you need to the dealership ensures you can walk in and walk out with a car. Call the dealership ahead of time to ask what other requirements they may have as it will vary state to state.

List of what to bring:
2 Current pay periods worth of paystubs.
References for bank loans.
Employment details such as contacts and phone numbers.
A utility bill that proves residence.
Valid Drivers License
Insurance company details to add the car to your policy (if you already have a policy).

Contact your insurance company ahead of time

The time it takes to either get a new policy or have a vehicle added to your current policy can take a long time. It is dependant on the insurance companies response time. There are times where it has taken an hour to get a hold of someone at the insurance office, so make sure you know that the office is open and someone is ready to add the new car to your policy. Check your insurance companies website to see if you can add a car to the policy without talking to a live person.

Bring your own financing

By shopping around for a loan before the car you can save money and know exactly how much you are approved for. Using an online tool like or will help you find a great rate quickly. You can also go to your bank to obtain either a small personal loan, in the case of an older used car, or an auto loan. Older cars or cars with high mileage will not qualify for an auto loan, so you may have to get a personal loan. If you go to a dealership with a preapproved loan you will know if a car is outside your budget, but don’t forget to factor in fees such as taxes and title.

Schedule a test drive

Scheduling a test drive will ensure you are not waiting long when arriving at the dealership. Used car lots will sometimes have to move cars around or have vehicles at the service center or detailing center. Some will have multiple lots and will have to transport the vehicle back to the lot you are shopping at. If you know the vehicle you are interested in then call the dealer ahead of time to schedule a time to look at the vehicle to ensure it will be there and ready should you want to buy it or test drive it.

Planning ahead can result in a quick trip to the dealership. Shopping online allows you to find the best loan rate, the best vehicles that fit your budget and if you contact your insurance company they can tell you which vehicles or features will reduce your insurance rates as well. May you find your dream car at your dream rate!


How to buy a used car quickly

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