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Bad Credit Car Loan
Bad Credit Car Loan

Bad credit will result in higher interest rate or in most cases an outright denial of credit when applying for a car loan, however there are options. Bad credit is usually a sign of getting behind or not paying your debts, so larger banks will not take on the risks however there are some auto loan companies willing to take the risk but will have higher interest to offset the risks. There are a few options that can help with getting a loan and potentially lower the interest:

  • Large Down Payment
  • Personal Loan
  • Buy Here Pay Here
  • Collateral Loan
Large Down Payment

A larger down payment will reduce the size of the loan which can help reduce the interest.

Personal Loan

If you can get a personal loan from your bank, you can usually get better interest rates as [...]

Buy Here Pay Here

Buy Here Pay Here

Traditional auto financing is when your purchase is paid in full to the dealership by a finance company and you pay the finance company in installments. Buy Here Pay Here financing is when the dealership is the finance company as well as the seller. Both instances you don’t own the vehicle in full until the finance company either changes the title over to you or removes the lien.

Buy Here Pay Here Financing is typically done when the purchaser does not have credit history, has bad credit, or the vehicle does not fit the requirements of finance companies. Financial companies won’t typically give loans to someone without credit history. Having a credit card for over 5 years and having a loan, in good standing or paid off, for a furniture purchase would be an example of good credit history. Having [...]

Quickly buy a used car

When you buy a used car it can sometimes take awhile. There are many things you can do to not only shorten the time it takes to buy a used car, but also save money as well.

Follow these steps to prepare for the sale of a new or used car: 
  1. Shop at home
  2. Be prepared
  3. Contact your insurance company ahead of time
  4. Bring your own financing 
  5. Schedule a test drive
Shop At Home

Shopping on a used car website like allows you to find a few cars that you like and will fit your needs and budget. Spending the effort of going to a dealership and looking at cars, you feel pressure or slightly invested in finding a car rather than the car you really want and more so if you have a salesperson assisting you. If you have a list of a few models of cars you are interested [...]

Warwick Auto Sales – New Website Launch

This new website is built with the latest web technology. We can add features and articles whenever we need. We hope not to only be your source for great quality used cars, but your source for automotive news. We will bring you notices of recalls, news of state insurance changes, state regulations, and more.

New Features:

  • Vehicle comparison
  • Google Maps Integrated
  • Article system


Contact Us and give us feedback or suggest topics for the articles.

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